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child voice

Communication – Mana Reo

Our curriculum embraces every child's voice. In its design it is inclusive and responsive to children as confident and competent learners. 


Children experience an environment where:

  • they develop non-verbal communication skills for a range of purposes;

  • they develop verbal communication skills for a range of purposes;

  • they experience the stories and symbols of their own and other cultures;

  • they discover and develop different ways to be creative and expressive 


parent aspirations

High importance is placed on the aspirations held by parents and whanau for their children

Parents opinion is greatly valued at our centre. Talk to us, become involved in decision making aspects of your child's learning.

​Enjoy the wondrous learning journey alongside your child!

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teacher collaboration

Shared understandings and expectations
Teacher's work closely with families to ensure that values and cultural beliefs are respected.

"Adults working at this service are knowledgeable about children’s development and the early childhood curriculum".   ERO review 2019

Teachers co-construct a meaningful curriculum, thinking about what they do, aware of their role as models for learning and open to new alternatives.

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open communication

One to One
Chat to any one of our friendly teachers about any aspect of your child's learning. Our highly qualified team care about your child's development and want to hear what is important to your family. 

Online Assessment
Enjoy reading learning stories, about your child's friends, positive experiences and developing skills.

Consultation & Collaboration
Book one of our formal parent evenings to chat with a teacher about your child's interests and successes. Share special family values and aspirations you have for your child in the year ahead.

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