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Parent Reviews

Our families are highly valued at Country Kids. Read what they say about us....

clay play fine motor skills

from Jude

30 September 2023

"A big Thank you to you all for your support over the last few years. You have been amazing. Thanks to Country Kids for providing a nurturing supportive environment where Liam was able to flourish and grow. We will miss you all" 

from Trelise

29 August 2023

Emilia is absolutely loving Country Kids and is having the best time..

She’s always excited on the car ride there every morning, and happy and excited talking about her day on the way home. She’s made great relationships with her teachers and peers

I love that she’s comfortable exploring indoors and outdoors; with her friends and teachers, and by herself. She never ever did this at her previous centre. 


My only wish is that you looked after babies as well! I’m due with baby number 2 in January and don’t know how I’ll find somewhere I trust as much as Country Kids to look after him when I go back to work!!

Mud kitchen messy play
childsplay Summer Fun in the Sun

from Kelly

16 June 2023

Each and every teacher at Country Kids has such a beautiful connection with the children.


I love the B4 school group and the skills and knowledge this group teaches the children. They learn so much in this group in preparation for school and from Quinn being in this group then leaving to go to school, his teacher really noticed the huge benefit of doing this as he came to school with the basics. 

Country Kids goes above and beyond, celebrating Mothers Day, Fathers Day and everything in between. 


I can't thank them all enough. 

from Gyn

12 June 2023

I am really glad that Taylorson is here at Country Kids the past two years.


He sings birthday songs in Maori (he learned in Country Kids) if anyone from our family (even in Malaysia) has a birthday, like leaving a WhatsApp voice message by singing a birthday song in Maori.


And recently during the Samoan week, he teaches me 1-10 in Samoan and sing Talofa, which is very adorable too. 


He learned a lot of knowledge and words about Worm Farm, Recycling, Garden, Vege from Country Kids. I think it built his self-confidence as well. 

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